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Chemical Air Dryer Carbon Tower Integrated

Humidity is an undesirable feature that damages the process and causes losses to the user in compressed air systems. It also causes corrosion of pipelines, diameter losses and a series of material problems that trigger each other. 

Polluted air also causes equipment damage if it comes into contact with equipment in the production process. Compressed air is dried to prevent condensation and corrosion that can disrupt production processes and contaminate products.

In sectors where the +3 °C dew temperature obtained with a Refrigerated Dryer is not sufficient, the dew temperature can be carried down to -70 °C with this method.

In simple words, Forever Chemical Air Dryer systems ensure the separation of unwanted water from compressed air by making a physical separation between the tanks and protect your system in the best way.
Two towers are filled with adsorbent material. H2O molecules attached to the surface of the adsorbent material can easily be separated from their adhesion by the effect of molecular forces. While the 1st tower dries the incoming humid air, it is renewed with the renewal air passed in the opposite direction through the 2nd tower. This is a physical reaction and can be performed countless times. Thanks to this system, completed with an Active Carbon tower, you can dry your compressed air to the dew values you want and obtain clean, oil-free dry air.
The air pressurized by the compressor may contain particles that emit oil vapor and odor at a level that may damage the equipment in our process or reduce production quality. To prevent this, it is recommended to use Carbon Tower Integrated Chemical Dryers.


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