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We are at your service for your high purity (99.9999%) nitrogen gas needs with our FOREVER FOREX system, which is blended with both economical and ergonomic high technology and allows us to maximize efficiency.

Thanks to the FOREVER FOREX system, nitrogen gas with a much higher purity of 99.9999% (1 ppm O2) can be obtained and more economical nitrogen gas can be produced compared to standard PSA nitrogen production. FOREVER FOREX increases the purity of the existing nitrogen gas to the desired rate by mixing hydrogen gas with 99.9% purity nitrogen gas coming from the nitrogen generator with the automation system in the ratios designed by our engineers. Ultra-high purity nitrogen gas is purified from moisture by passing through cooling and drying devices and is offered to our customers as dry and ultra-pure nitrogen gas (1 ppm O2) with a dew point of -40°C.

If you too; 

If you will produce on your Fiber and CO2 Laser Cutting Machine at all kWs

If you want to cut DKP, HRP, Aluminum and Galvanized Sheet Faster and with High Quality,

If you need to Cut Stainless Sheet Up to 30 mm,

If You Want Bright, Burr-Free and Perfect Cutting Surface Quality,

We are at your service FOREVER with our experienced team and wide product range!

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Dereseki Mah. Sirmakeş Cad. No. 42Beykoz/Istanbul 

0216 320 14 53

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